Sleep apnea disrupts your breathing as you slumber, causing pauses that can last ten seconds or even a minute. These apneas happen repeatedly, fragmenting your sleep and leaving you feeling drained even after eight hours. The good news is that sleep apnea is treatable. With the right diagnosis and management, you can reclaim your nights and wake up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle the day.


The rhythmic rumble, the high-pitched whistle, the thunderous roar – snoring, in all its variety, can turn a peaceful night into a cacophony. At its core, snoring is simply the sound of air vibrating tissues in the upper airway during sleep. When relaxed, these tissues, including the tongue, soft palate, and uvula, can partially block the passage for air, causing them to vibrate with each breath.


Sleep medicine isn’t just about chasing zzz’s. It’s about recognizing the impact sleep has on our health. Poor sleep is linked to a host of problems, from heart disease and diabetes to depression and cognitive decline. By diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, sleep medicine can improve not just our slumber, but our overall well-being. The next time you struggle to drift off, remember, we are here to offer answers.


I’ve been living with sleep apnea for years. My wife finally convinced me to make an appointment with Dr. Hilary and now I sleep all night and wake-up fully charged to take on the day.

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My kids used to tell me that I snore like a bear. After receiving treatment I now get a full night sleep and my kids tell me that they don’t hear me snoring anymore.

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    Sleep apnea is a physical condition that makes it impossible to breathe clearly while you are sleeping. As a result, your body will not get enough oxygen to function at an optimal level.


    Snoring is a problem that affects millions of people. Many people cannot get a good night’s sleep because they snore too loudly, and this condition is often brought on by sleep apnea.

  • Sleep Medicine

    Sleep medicine helps you get the rest you need to function at your best. It can help you recover from a night of tossing and turning, and it may even help prevent a relapse.

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If you feel as though you have no energy and are too tired to keep up with your friends and family, you should visit our dental office to talk about sleep apnea. This may be what is causing your issues, and a simple non-invasive treatment may be just what you need to feel like yourself again. To schedule an appointment with our dental office, call (321) 732-4462. We will be happy to discuss your treatment and then make a recommendation for how you should proceed.

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